Help with anxiety

I lost my younger sister last year and I’ve recently lost my Mum. I watched as my Dad had a massive heart attack and had to be revived in front of me.

As well as the grief which I know I must go through, I’m starting to get a crippling anxiety where I keep thinking something bad is going to happen. My biggest worries are for those I love. I’m scared all the time. I’m not able to enjoy anything.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi Bigsister1

I’m so sorry to hear about your sister, your Mum, and your traumatic experience with your Dad. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by grief, but if anxiety is beginning to impact your life and cause you distress, there are some places you can turn for further help.

  • You can make an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred to counselling or support services in your local area

  • You can use the NHS IAPT scheme to search for psychological therapies in your local area: Find an NHS talking therapies services - NHS

  • If you’re employed, check whether your employer offers an Employee Assistance Programme and what help you might be entitled to under this scheme

  • If you are looking for a private therapist, you can search for one at Some therapists may offer a sliding scale of fees for people on lower incomes.

  • The Mix offers telephone counselling to people aged 25 and under: The Mix Free Counselling Service For Under 25s | The Mix

Please reach out to any of these services who can help you, and keep talking here - the community is here for you.

Take good care, Rhi :blue_heart:

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