Have totally lost the plot. Had to be brought home. Lost Steve eight months ago. I went out to a Christmas do and it was so loud, I miss him so much. I just don’t know what to do

OK, well first, breathe…
Take a minute to calm. Easy for me to say, but try.
Try and think, what would Steve say?
I know it sounds weird but I talk to my mum all the time, and think of what she’d say back. X

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Try lying on the bed. Slowly from your head down, relax your body. Head, then go onto you shoulders a few minutes later, the chest and so on till you get to your feet. Once you gone through the whole body start again once more at the head. Try and relax your body. Allow yourself to be still and tell yourself that this feeling will pass. Or if you have a meditation tape try that to see if it will steady you.

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Hello Montague.
I am going through the posts trying to catch up on messages I may have missed and I came across yours of 27 days ago.
I am wondering how you are, I hope that you are feeling better,
Take care,