I’m really struggling tonight x


Dear @Rachtran

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry to read you are struggling. You do not say how you are struggling. How can we help you so you do not feel alone with your struggling and guide you to organisations that can help and support you?

Please reach out here or if you prefer you can email

We are here for you. Take care.


Hi Rach hope you ok sometimes it is so overwhelming and painful, I find reading others experiences on here helps as then not so alone take care x


I think only those who have experienced what we have/are going through really appreciate what it’s like. Even then all our circumstances are not unique. We are here for each other in our time of great need. Take care


I know exactly how you feel these last few days have been really difficult for me, it’s difficult to find the words for you as they all seem so empty. But maybe knowing others are going through it helps, be kind to yourself :heart:


I woke feeling all was well at 4 am then realisation set in. I’m downstairs now. Another very long day ahead.

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Hi Rachtran

hope you are ok we all go through the really bad struggling times in our grief
i have found being on here reading what other people are going through has helped me a lot after losing my husband 2 months ago after being married for 53 years would have been 54 next month
it helps when you can write your feelings down too

take care keep posting there a lot of caring people on here that will help you