Only my second message on here but really struggling with life atm
Mum died 6 weeks ago and I feel lost
I have always suffered with depression and I feel I am going dwn hill fast
I have spoke to docs and I was given some anxiety tablets and told to see how I go.
I dread opening my eyes most mornings



I know it’s so hard without them
But your mum would hate you feeling like this
My husband died then 9 months later my mum died so I totally get how you are feeling
I started to write in a journal how angry I was at life for taking both of them
I think it helped me release all my emotions without offending anyone
Some say live life so that your loved ones can see it through your eyes
Which is a nice thought
Come on this site and talk
Share your emotions no one will judge you
Talking to each other does give you the strength to carry on
Take care


@Marypoppins1968 I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I lost my partner 4 weeks ago, she was only 27 and i lost my dad 13 years ago. This pain is so awful, but like @Scottie10 says coming on here really helps, people are so lovely and very supportive.
I’m writing my partner Stacie a letter, I’m on page 24 now, and going to put it in with her before her cremation next week, but I’m going to carry on writing to her afterwards as well, i find it really helps. Please speak on here anytime. I hope your doctors helps you too. Take care



I’m really sorry. Its a terrible shock isn’t it losing your mum.

I have too. At Christmas time.

It’s a stunned feeling and a feeling like your inner child is looking for her. It’s such a trauma I feel.

Have you gone back to work or managed to do anything each day?
I found myself back at work 4 days after she died. The shock of it I found I was working on routine and fumes.
I’m not sure now a few months later it was the right thing or not.
The grief has changed and a realisation is dawning on me as well as floating in and out of shock.

I feel sick most of the time and want to run away and heal. Our something.

Your feelings are numb I imagine.
And it’s terrible the anxiety. I have this too. It’s suffocating isn’t it.
It’s good you have gone for some help.
Talking how you feel can be a balm on the pain.

I’m so sorry for you. All you can do is one step at a time. If that a half day then so be it.
Be kind to yourself xx