When my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer we were told a few untruths. I have lodged a complaint which the trust has turned it in to a server adverse incident (excuse the spelling) my. Wife gained her wings with my son and I at her beside… she passed at 3mins passed 9 in the morning. But was able to refuse treatment at 1120. Am I doing the right thing or should I let it go.

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So sorry for your loss and then having to go through this.

I think your doing the right thing you don’t want someone else to go through this aswell if they made a mistake they should get investigated.

It’s a hard time for you maybe this will keep you focused and do something good and save someone else?

Hi @Blueman.
Condolences on the loss of your beloved wife.

Are you doing the right thing or should you let it go?

That’s a tricky one and, in all honesty, only you can make that decision.

I do know that complaints of this nature frequently take a long time to sort out and for the complainant, that often means having to hang on to all the anger and upset while the wheels of officialdom turn exceedingly slowly. Don’t underestimate the emotional toll this can have on you.

The “right thing”, Blueman,has to be, what’s right for you.

If you want, or feel the need, to pursue this to the end, then that is the right thing to do.

If you feel that you want to drop the complaint, for whatever reason, then that is the right thing to do.

To put it bluntly, Blueman, the priority here is you.
None of this will make any difference now, to your wife.

Ffs. What a terrible thing you’ve had ti go through. I think you’re right to pursue it. I was a nurse and this seems totally unacceptable