It’s 9 weeks since lost my fiancé… after a four day illness. We found each other when we were 50 after knowing each other since our first day of primary school 45 years earlier… we had been together just under 14 years… every thing was aligned. We had both found great jobs we loved, I had a hip replacement last year that he helped me get through, we had just booked to go to Cyprus in June after no holidays since lockdown. We had a great life. Now it’s gone …. I am back at work full time which is good for me. I have a huge support network ……… but his son and daughter are cold and unfriendly. His son is withholding his passport and birth certificate from me that he used for “tell us once”. I am struggling to see our little grandson as I keep getting pushed back… he is supposed be applying for probate but isn’t showing any interest. My fiancé entrusted me with his paperwork but his son won’t sort anything.

All this is dragging me into a whole new grief cycle which is affecting me so badly…

Him and his sister and his partner are cold and I just don’t know what to do


Wow @Kimberley1
So sorry, this loss is hard enough without those added complications. Is there anyone else in the family who could liaise between you and your fiancé’s children? Did he have a brother or sister?

The paperwork does take ages so maybe he is only intending to keep the passport until after that is complete. I do hope so.

Sending love and whatever strength I can in a message.

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