Not great, been looking through mum’s clothes again and worried about my cat who is having teeth out tomorrow. Hope you are ok, sending hugs xx

Hi not sure if this is too early but I was just wondering how your cat was doing, just trying to distract myself from this misery, take care :heart:

She had to have almost all her teeth out. The vet is unsure if she had an abscess or a tumor, they took a biopsy and will let me know. She’s back at home and I’m making a fuss of her. Don’t know how I’ll cope if it’s a tumor. Thanks for asking xx

Oh bless her, I don’t know if I told you I had 2 cats, nearly one year old and an older cat I adopted when a friend of the family passed away 3 years ago. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hopefully it’s the abscess, take care :heart:

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Her sister keeps hissing at her because she smells of the vets.

Well that made me smile, thanks for that. Good luck with the results, let me know how she gets on xx

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It wasn’t a tumor but her eye got worse so now she has to have her eye removed on Monday. Will life ever get better?

Oh I’m so sorry about that, but your precious cat will need a lot of TLC after the the operation, so you could put all attention into her and could be a nice distraction for you.
Hope everything goes smoothly
Look after yourself and Bonnie xxx