Helpful sentiments

Lots of well-meaning friends and neighbours make kind gestures and remarks initially. What’s the most understanding comment anyone made that helped with your grief. I ask because no one ever consoled me, even though I think they tried.

Dear @PoppyU

Welcome to the Community. You have posed an interesting question. Going on experience I would say every comment is helpful while you are grieving as it shows people care. I do not personally think you can pin it down to one particular comment. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves to console you while grieving.

I hope this may be of some help to you. Please continue to reach out.

Take care.


Gosh that’s a difficult question @PoppyU. I’ll have to give that some thought and get back to you. It probably came from this forum actually as this is the place I have found the most comfort. I think perhaps the best help is when a friend would call on me and rather than words we just sat in understanding silence. A true friend that one.