Helping child/young adult cope with the death of a friend

My son is struggling to cope with the death of a friend 2 months ago. He postponed exams at the time but cannot get focused for the resits. We encouraged him to talk to friends and us, but while he does meet up with friends he doesn’t talk to us about how he’s feeling, other than saying he has good and bad days. He has referred himself to a Counsellor, but we feel we could/should be doing more to help but our efforts seem to do more harm than good. Any thoughts on how we can better help him?

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Dear @Mac1

Welcome to the Community, I apologise for the delay in replying.

I am sorry to hear that your son has lost his friend. Cruse Bereavement have information on Losing a Friend which may be of help to you.

There is an organisation called Shout which is a UK free confidential 24/7 text support service that your son could use as he is struggling to cope with the loss of his friend. The text number is 8528.

I hope this information will be of help to you and your son. Please reach out any time.

Take care.