Helping each other.

As we are all aware we are now part of a group that we never wished to join, but we had no choice and now our lives have changed forever.
I was reading in another conversation where someone said about how hard and long they found evenings & I wondered if it was possible to help each other with suggestions. I know not every suggestion will help everyone but surely if it helps only one person some form of help & some form of comfort it would be worth it.
So regards evenings, what I found helped was I have a fantastic neighbour and she rings me every night and most nights we go for a little walk (we live in town so even on dark nights we just walk around a little while and have a chat, lighter nights we went along river ect)
Anybody got any other suggestions that could help ease the long night?
Or want suggestions on something else?
Please take care everyone and remember we are here for each other xxx


Just giving this a little bump for you @Sulane, it’s a lovely idea :blue_heart:

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I just hope we can help each other xxx

Hi @Sulane . This is a good question, and has made me think. Several people who have been on this journey said that the dark long evenings would be the worst. Then when the clocks went back it seemed they were right. But has time has gone on it doesnt seem too bad .Admittedly, my two little dogs didnt seem to realise and just curled up next to (or on top of) me and snored. But now it doesnt seem to be a problem for me, Im quite content.
Its taken me a while to figure out why I’m content, when nothing has changed in a practical sense. I think I have come up with a couple of reasons.
Firstly, I have realised it is what it is. I have no expectations, so Im never disappointed. I’m happy doing my own thing, perhaps reading, watching TV or furtling on my.guitar.
Secondly, I used to go to bed around 10 or 11pm. I thought why am I thinking that should be my bedtime. I was sat there in my living room with the expensive heating on, waiting for “bedtime”, whilst I had a heated water bed awaiting me, which is wonderful! I can do almost everything like reading or watching tv in there. Ive not been successful at playing my guitar though.
Essentially, for me, thinking about it another way has been successful. ie no expectations to fail to meet.
I’m lovely, warm and comfortable in my water bed, watching the football on tv and writing on here, my dogs cuddled up to me ,(not snoring yet).
Good luck (you could always buy a water bed and two dogs!!)

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