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Having a sh+t daySorry if that offends anyone,but I can’t be PC today,just so done with relatives I have never met before in my life and suddenly appearing after my partner of twenty years died,3 months ago, they think they are entitled to some money! What is wrong with these people! Sorry I just needed to have a rant


Oh @maggi7 that is truly awful and I’m so sorry for both your loss and having to deal with this.
Death brings out the very worst in some people, but sometimes also the best so I hope you have a few of those in your life just now too.
Don’t feel or be bullied into doing or giving anything away to people you don’t need or want to.
Feel free to rant on here - that’s what this place is for and we are always here to listen

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I have calmed down now,thankyou for your kind words x


Absolutely horric that people can act in this way
How dare they

@maggi7 hope you are ok

Yeh its unbelievable the trouble money causes isnt it ! Just tell them to do one ! Lol - just seen this … glad you calmed down now xx

Thanks so much,hope your week was better than mine? xx

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I will be okay,thanks for your reply

Ups and downs honey. Hows yours been ? Xx