Helping my son with the loss of his dad

Hi, am a single parent struggling to help my son come to terms losing his Dad to Covid 19.

Hi, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My dad also died because of Covid. You did not mention how old your son is. Have you received any support from friends and family, or a medical professional? It might be a good idea to go and speak to your GP that you are both struggling with your grief. Organisations like Cruse and Sue Ryder provide bereavement services - maybe this would help you? In the meantime, please keep posting here as people would like to help you.

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Hi, thank you and am so sorry to hear about your loss too ! My son is 13yrs . I have been having counselling once a week from my gp, but I stopped this now. We have a pattern that when my son falls I fall too, wish I could stay stronger for him ! My heart breaks for him ! Evan has Autism and his doctors are involved,first phone call together will be on the 20th July. I was wanting a family beaverment counselling that we could do together or just for Evan, hoping for face to face counselling when safe to do so . Thank you for your reply!

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Hello, I’m so sorry to hear that you and your son have lost his dad. We’ve got some information on our website about supporting teenagers and young people with grief, which you might find helpful.

Winston’s Wish and Child Bereavement UK can also offer you lots of advice on this.

It is worth making sure that his school are aware of the situation, and, see if there is a trusted teacher or support worker there that he can talk to, or that can offer you advice on supporting him.

Not all counselling services are available to children, but could try speaking to a Childline Counsellor, or you can ask your GP for a referral. The Counselling Directory website also has some information on finding a counsellor for a child, and a search function for private counsellors, if that is an option for you.

Thank you so much, i will look into your website today ! Just had our first face to face meeting at school, they are putting everything in place,and given the option of talking to his keyworker for a hour a week. Just worried because that’s 9weeks away and I would like help ASAP for Evan . So glad I decided to try on here for support, thank you so much !

It’s good that his school is being supportive. Yes, good point, I had not taken into account that it is nearly the summer holidays. Hopefully either the school has some suggestions for over the summer, or else some of the links I’ve suggested are of some use.

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Thank you the links are very supportive, lots of advice !

Hi Evan’s mum, I am so glad you have managed to get some help here. It is very difficult when you’re not only grieving for yourself but also have to worry about your child and how it affects them. Hopefully Evan will get the help he needs and that will make grieving easier for you too. All the best.

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I think that’s the worse for a parent,not being able to take away his pain ! Thank you for your reply,hopefully get the help we need now .