Her funeral

After 18 years together i could write a eulogy that was not only 4 houts long but damingly accurate as to jist how shit certain key family members have beem for at least fo my knowledge 2 fking decades? This being her sister son eldest daugjter and both parents utter shit broke her heart she hid it well but alone it would always haunt her and i lived with this of course i tried for her but to no avail this broke her on thd inside and complecated so badly an already struggling with poor mental and physical health, eventually it was twisted in upon itself like barbed wire in a vice to a painful poisoinus denial…i dont want to stand up and say words i want to say “you were a c” and shoot them in order of severity…um er not a good place mentally rite now kinda ouch almost persistantly…apologies for spelling

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Hello @MarkRS1971, I’m so sorry for the loss of your partner. I’m just giving this thread a gentle, “bump” for you as I’m sure other members have had to deal with difficult family relationships when writing eulogies and organising funerals. You might also find this article about managing family conflict helpful.

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Thanku so much very kind of you

Hi @MarkRS1971 really sorry about your issues with others. I feel blessed with all the support from many people, but there are still a few who have hurt me, which I think is pretty normal.

I read a therapy book a few years ago about eliminating stress and anxiety. There is one particular thing I learnt, and its helped me a great deal.

It asked me “if someone keeps hitting you over the head with a shitty stick, why do you pick up the stick and keep hitting yourself over the head as well”?

I walk away with a calm and happy brain. Stuff 'em