Here We Go Again!

Day started badly after a restless night, too much on my mind. I am seeing my Financial Advisor this morning to finalise my investments having everything completed after Probate.
So, nothing now in my dear husband’s name, it really is breaking my heart. I wish I could step off this world.
Hugs to all xx


Hi @Rome18,

Thank you for starting this thread. I’m sorry to hear you had a restless night.

It sounds as though you’ve got lots to think about and organise following the loss of your Husband - I hope your meeting with the Financial Advisor was helpful this morning.

I’m just giving this thread a gentle bump for you - hopefully someone will along to offer their support.

Take care - keep reaching out,

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Thank you @MeganSR, my meeting went better than I was worried about. I feel that I have done all I can with my dear husband’s estate, and he would have been pleased, and that’s all that matters. It’s so distressing having to remove our partners’ names from so many things.


It is distressing but so necessary . I was sad my account wiped his name off his past transactions on my single now account


As you say, it’s so necessary, but it really hit me hard this morning, seeing no joint accounts.
More and more, I feel in an alian world, without my husband.


I feel for you, and for all of us in this awful situation. It is so very painful to go through the process of having their names removed. I also had to close off a small business partnership we had established in 2000, and reopen as a sole trader, and the anguish of doing that is still with me (even though it is something he wanted me to do). Caring thoughts going your way x

Thank you Ava, caring thoughts being sent to you, too. Good luck with your business x.

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Thankyou Rome, its now only a small online business but helps in some way to supplement the pension x

Oh tell me about it ! Its awful :frowning: xx

Removing his name from everything feels like such a betrayal doesn’t it.

Yesterday I threw away all his medical emergency cards. Steroid warnings. Chemotherapy cards. Today I have destroyed his GHIC card and I keep looking at his driving licence. I have this huge urge to put things on one side for when he next needs them.

I cry enough as it is. I don’t know how I will be when the realisation hits that he really isn’t going to ever come back.


I can understand you feel a betrayal . I thought he would be proud of me getting my house in order , reducing bills etc

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Just take it a day at a time honey ! I know its bloody hard and so difficult. Just do what you NEED to do and dont put any pressure on yourself xxx

I know exactly how you feel Louise, it’s heartbreaking. Not having joint accounts really got to me. I have a pretty box where I am keeping certain things, and his driving licence, passport, spectacles and key ring are in there with other keepsakes. What we keep is obviously very personal to us,

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Same with me i sat and cried as i told them to take his name off bank account ! So very harsh damn !!! In end i went into robot mode and just did everything quickly and tried not to think about what i was doing xxx

And you know thats a good idea - im gonna get a pretty box to put all his valuable things in !!! Xxx

I forgot to say, his wallet is also in the box, together with a £10 note. I haven’t touched it. Crying again! I keep thinking I must have done something really bad to be suffering like this, but I know that’s a daft thing to say, but why when there are so many awful people about. xx

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You havent done anything bad … ofcourse you havent ! I just bloody crap life isnt it and the crap it throws at us ! I know it doesn’t seem fair any of this does it ? Its not our fault though ! Honestly !!! But yeh there are so many awful people in this world and it shouldve been them … not our precious men !! Xxxx