He's always in my dreams

I am 29 and lost my husband February this year. He is always in my dreams at nights. I have dreams of the things we used to do together and the things he used to do. Then, I wake up to realise it was all just a dream. He’s not there anymore. I wake up to every morning crying. I wake up to every morning with pain when I realise that he is not here anymore. It was all just a dream.

When I first started dreaming about my dad who I lost 2 years ago and my partner who I lost in May it was upsetting because I really wanted them back. Now it’s like a comfort to me because I can still see and hear them even though it’s a dream.
Christine x

I would love to dream about my husband - I feel sure I would find it comforting. It’s was 18 months yesterday since I lost my beloved, wonderful man. Perhaps in time Aynur, you will find your dreams comforting. I hope so. Xx