Hi everyone

Hi there

New to this forum. I have been a widow 17yrs and my husband’s anniversary was on the 18th and i really struggled the 2 weeks leading up to it

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Oh gosh. I’m so sorry you are still struggling after 17 years. I know that I’ll miss him for the rest of my life but I do hope things improve in time. It must be awful to grieve for someone for so long :broken_heart:

Thank you

I thought after all these years it wouldn’t affect me so much but i miss him everyday …how do you cope ? Will i ever come to terms with it

Oh I’m only five weeks in and I’m not coping really but obviously it’s very early days for me. I know my loss isn’t something I’m going to get over anytime soon but I’m hoping I do start to feel better soon.
Will you ever come to terms with it? I honestly can’t answer that question. 17 years is a long, long time. I can’t predict where I’ll be in 17 years.

Have you ever had counselling?

How old are you, how long were you married and how did your OH die?

Yes i had counselling tbh didnt really help…im 54 …we were married just short of 12 yrs together 15. …i was 37 when he passed he was 41…i had only just lost my mum …i had a skin cancer diagnosed in oct 2005 my mum passed away in nov 2005 i had the cancer removed in dec 2005 and my husband passed away april 2006…they both died of LVF …left ventricular failure … both at home and both very sudden …my kids were only 9 and 7 it was horrendous

Oh gosh. Your mother and husbands deaths were both so close together :broken_heart:
You were very young when your husband passed, I’m 38 so just a year older than you were. My partner passed very suddenly too, his heart just stopped. We were together 17 years but never married. It was a massive, massive shock to me. I still can’t believe it has happened. I’m only 5 weeks in and have no idea what the future holds. It’s actually frightening that you lost your husband at a very similar age and similar way and that you’re still struggling all these years later :broken_heart:

Do you find that you ever enjoy life at all? I’m hoping that you have so.e good times? x

Yes i do enjoy aspects of my life …relationship wise its tough

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Have you tried dating since?