Hi I'm julie

I gave cpr to my boyfriend of 2 years on the 20th July,by the Wednesday his brain wasn’t functional and his family had the tough decision of turning machines off.he had a heart attack so it was pretty quick for them to say bye as his heart was damaged.im not sure if I could have done anything else to keep him alive.but I tried.and within 1hr 30 mins he was at kings college hospital…only 54.not old at all.miss him terribly,he stayed at mine,he told me he loved me all the time.back to work this week I need to be earning and to keep busy.

Hello Julie,

I am so sorry to hear that your boyfriend had a heart attack so recently - this must be feeling very raw. It sounds like you acted very quickly and did everything you could to help him.

How are you finding being back at work this week? I understand what you mean about keeping busy, and I hope you’re feeling supported by your employers at this difficult time.

Keep talking to us here as long as is helps and take care.


Hi there Jules, I too had to give cpr to my partner of 11 years in March - he had died whilst sleeping . I have not been the best behaved person in my life ! His love made me try harder but I now feel so guilty as I feel he was taken from me as I was happy and did not deserve to be. I now try to be the best I can be for him as a tribute - big hugs Wilma D

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