Hi, lost my father

So, I lost dad on the 25th of sept 17, this was followed by the death of a friend, then the death of another friend and then the icing on the cake, my boyfriends best friend was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, with a life expectancy of 2 years, died 6 weeks after his diagnosis, so my 1st week in Jan 18 I was at another funeral!
It’s hard! So awful and hard

Oh gosh Amanda, that really is hard. Life certainly seems to throw it all at us at once. My wonderful mum says “it will pass” about most things and I guess she is right?

It certainly rocks your foundations though when there is so much loss around. Mine are pretty fractured at the moment so I consider it a good day just getting through.

Take care
Ann x

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Thank you Anne. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Life is hard I agree, I’ve been signed off work for two weeks with bereavement. I’m hoping I am able to get a better hold of myself. :heart:

Hi Amanda

Just wondered how you are doing today? I haven’t been able to stop crying all day. It started in the school playground when I dropped my son off and someone asked if I was ok then the taps in my eyes haven’t stopped since.

I think I am officially feeling sorry for myself today. Hope you got through it better.

Ann x

Hi Anne, today was a good day for me, I’m blessed to have friends who I do swaps with… basically I had my hair cut brows and lashes done and waxing for 2 separate massages.
So that lifted me, my mother lives with me and she has been very low of late, we had a friend call and she said that we will never get over the loss, ( she lost her daughter) however we will grow accustomed to the way of life we are now leading.
A good book to read is “the power of now” it helps you be and feel more positive.
One thing that I have found is that you get that feeling of pointlessness, remember you are important, loved and very much matter, be kind to you and crying is good… I can’t cry … I have days when I do a Little then I had a period of tears of a day but they won’t come and I need them to. Keep in touch and stay positive but grieve. Be gentle with yourself you’ve lost someone :heart:

Thanks Amanda. I will check that book out. I do feel better after a good cry as I feel it is a small step forward on the grief journey to let it out.

Beauty and massage swaps sound perfect! If only I had friends who had much needed talents like that. I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards at the moment as not sleeping well.

Thank you for the reply and yes, keep in touch. We can be here for each others ups and downs. Xx

Where are you, you can text me anytime … my number is [edited by moderator] I’m a bit naff with my phone but I’ll get back to you xxx