Hi to every one /I am here to make friends to find ways to deal with death I live in Ireland

Well you’ve taken the first step on joining the forum, all people on here understand what you’re going through. You feel it’s only you, you’ll have lots of thoughts going through your head. Cannot focus on anything, people will reach out to you, write what you feel, let your emotions out. We do truly understand. It’s sad that you’ve had to join, and indeed I’m so emotional at times at the death of my hubby 5 weeks ago, reading people’s posts will help you relate to your situation.

Dealing with death! If you find the answer to that one please let me know. Mankind has faced this trauma for thousands of years, and we still have not come to terms with it. Can we ever? The pain is so real, and the emotions so raw. You are among friends, and everyone knows what your suffering is like. There is no magic wand or quick fix. The pain of grief will go on for a while because it’s a process that it’s necessary to go through. You will never forget, but I am told the pain does diminish in time. It’s seven months since my wife died, and I do see hope and chinks of light now and then. Memories will always come. Let them. Try not to fight off feelings and emotions. It seems we all have to go through the ‘valley of the shadow’ before we return to some sort of peace.
Blessings and take care.

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