I was listening to Radio 4 today and they were discussing the welsh word ‘Hiraeth’, I thought it very much applied to us that find ourselves here:

“In the sense of a longing for something now gone, hiraeth is also entwined with feelings of grief, loss, and remorse. So if you find yourself harkening back to a relationship or friendship now irreparably broken, that is hiraeth . When someone dear to you dies, you can often find yourself mourning not just the loss of them but what they brought into your life, which will now never be the same again. That wistful longing for the life you could have had or continued to have with them in it, but now never can, also epitomizes hiraeth .”

Somehow its comforting to know there’s a name for this.

Apologies to anyone from Wales if I have got this wrong


I’m learning Welsh :slightly_smiling_face:

‘Hiraeth’ is literally ‘longing’. ‘Hir’ = ‘long’, and ‘aeth’ turns it into a noun.

Very apt - I think many of us here are longing to have our partners back, or more time or just one more moment.