His 1st birthday after he was taken from us

Yesterday, my husband would have been 82. He was a very young 82, more like 62, so his death is even more hurtful because he loved life and had so much more to give and receive. He died at the end of June last year.
All his family took beautiful flowers to his grave and by the time they were laid out, it was covered and looked so beautiful. Our young granddaughter had taken a small flowering cactus as she knew he loved them. We stayed there, reminiscing and ‘talking’ to him for ages.
When we left, planning to have a birthday meal together in his honour, we idly wondered if, somehow, he might have known we were there. Did he feel the love somehow? We will never know, but we hope so. He couldn’t have been more loved, and we love him still.
We went to my daughter’s and had a wonderful meal which he would have loved, and toasted him and thanked him for all he had done for all of us.
One in a billion, that lovely man!
Rest in peace, my darling. You will always have all our love xxxxx


Ann, thank you for not only sharing but allowing us to be part of your day. Yes, he sounds to be one in a billion and much loved. Personally I do feel they know what we are thinking and doing at certain times and help always seems to be just around the corner.
Anniversary date/days can be hard to deal with but you seem to be well organised and it must have been lovely to have your family all around you.
Once again, many thanks and you take care of yourself.
S xxx

Thank you, Susie. Yes, I am so lucky with my family, and I read horror stories on here about families who are not supportive with tears in my eyes.
We are a close family, partly, I think, thanks to Tony, who was the centre of our lives, and our rock. Our daughters, from a very young age, always came to him for advice if things went wrong, and they still did right up until he was here no more, and they were in their 50s by then!
If I could have a wish (other than having him back, of course) it would be that every woman could experience the love I received and the happiness I felt. The downside to that, of course, is that it makes losing our loved ones so much harder.
My heart goes out to everyone, male or female, who feels as I do. :heart:

Ann, what a love sentiment and I would like to echo it. Yes, like you my soulmate went and somehow you have to continue without that love and yes it’s the price we have to pay. Blessings to you and your family.

That’s exactly how I feel when you have a lovely partner and dad and grandad , all our hearts are broken. I was so lucky to be with my hubby but it means I miss him every minute of every day . I’m still crying buckets :broken_heart::broken_heart:

Yes, it’s beyond sad. Thinking of you and your family. X

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