History repeating its self

on monday this week I was taken to A&E with chest pains got checked out nothing found ,on the 20th of this month i have to attend a chest pain clinic to keep my bus licence ,Its not attending the clinic i’ts where it is ,It’s next to the ward where my wife passed away in july it puts the fear of god in me having to go there


I know exactly how you feel i had the same problem. I was supposed to go to same part of hospital last year where i last saw my husband walking down corridor. It made me anxious and really tearful so much so i rang the hospital and explained the problem and they offered to see me in a different part of hospital, even so i couldnt go and cancelled my appointment. Partly because of where it was and partly due to fact i dont trust them anymore after what happened. So i know how you feel maybe you can ring them and explain they maybe able to help. X

Thank you, another hurdle to try and get past every thing just seems to come at once

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