Hit from out of nowhere

I lost both my parents suddenly nearly 2 years ago ,just 5 weeks apart ,I was hit with a depression and sadness like I’ve never felt before ,I am on meds which help ,but just 3 weeks ago I suddenly felt I’d turned a corner ,suddenly it didn’t feel so raw and I felt I was back to my old self ,even friends said I sounded better and more like the old me ,but 4 days ago omg out of nowhere I felt back at square one and am very tearful anxious and down at the moment ,it’s coming up to the 2 nd anniversary of dad’s death (13 March) and I haven’t seen my children for nearly a year due to covid (we live in france they are in the UK )

Hello Janb, I can feel your pain after thinking you was getting better and many on this site will say that’s the way we feel including myself. Days go by and then it strikes again but there’s a time factor and pain factor that does change, just hang in there and don’t be hard on yourself.
The pandemic stops us all from seeing our children and again I know how that feels, ours live abroad so travelling to see them is out of the question. I want to say ‘I promise’ things will get better and we know they will, it’s the when that we want but can’t have. Take baby steps and be kind to yourself. Blessings to you xx

Thanks susie for your kind words,it’s just so hard at times ,but I will try and be kinder to myself x

Hi Janb i can understand what you are saying cos i feel exactly the same . Lost my partner almost 8 months ago and I thought i was getting a bit better at coping then 3 days ago it just seemed to hit me all over again and I was back to square one . Can’t see my family as my son and grandchildren live abroad and my daughter and new grandson live down south . I feel as though i’m going crazy at times and the loneliness is awful . I somwtimes wonder if I 'll ever feel normal again whatever normal is .

Take care of yourself Debbie13 xx