Would be interested to hear what hobbies you have

Gardening. Have a large garden, and 2 of my husband’s 3 allotments. Its my happy place.

Other than that crochet and knitting. I don’t have time for much else.

My hobbies are drawing and painting, flower arranging, reading, poetry, gardening and knitting.

My hobbies are gardening, swimming every day and using the treadmill. I have got back into reading again which I have started to enjoy again, also having a few hours lay out in the sun when it’s warm and sunny which seems very rare at the moment, I am an exercise addict.

Music has been my choice. Not only listening to it, but getting a new instrument every year. Either learning to play it, or join a group. My latest is learning the flute, but I have joined a choir. It’s amazing how many friends it has generated.
Next year, I might lose them if I try the bagpipes!!

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It’s nice to read about other people’s hobbies and interests, gives you inspiration to try something new or a hobby that you hadn’t thought of. I will look out for more ideas. Nice ideas, thank you.

I read books and do my garden. We have ( I have😢) 150 different varieties of roses. Xx

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Willow, we are in the middle of landscaping our garden. Costly but rewarding and gives me peace. Your roses must be amazing😀

I do find some solace in the garden and the roses are looking lovely. I feel sad that Jeremy isn’t here to share it, but it gets me outside in the fresh air and a bit of exercise. You must be excited about your new garden happening. There is something peacefully rewarding about growing things. Xx

Willow, I hope in time you get comfort from the garden. Yes I am excited about the garden. My favourite shop at the moment is any garden centre x

@MJG I’m with you there. Give me any garden centre, and i just love it. Gardening is definitely my happy place.

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My other favourite shop is B and Q, I love looking and buying tools. I’m glad you find your garden a happy place to be in. I love watching the birds come in the garden.

Yes reading what others do gives me inspiration too.
Reminds me I also sing now in my car to my fav tapes to help calm me down when driving.
I used to be in a choir rbefore COVID and also in a creative writing group

I’ve also got into making home made bread. I find by having to wait for it to rise it makes me have a bit of patience which is something I don’t have. I’ve also made nice onion pretzels.

Hi @MJG . Have you had a go at making sourdough bread? That is brilliant stuff, and you learn even more patience.

Expect it i

No I haven’t but will have a look. I make my own pastry which comes out well for quiche and pasties.

I like gardening, although it’s a bit too much now. I do knitting and I’m just getting into diamond painting.
I used to make gteeting cards but Roger would often help, especially with Christmas cards and I just can’t bring myself to do them.

You have some nice interest/hobbies. Maybe in time you will feel you can make Christmas cards, or maybe do a different type of card.

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Maybe in time. When my heart stops breaking

X x