@jevncute oh sweetie, just remember we’re all here for you too. We feel the same pain you feel x

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Ive been ok today but just had a phone call from canal and river trust we had a boat and you have to pay a license we still owed 1 month which id forgotten about the poor lady who rang was so upset that she reduced me to tears wasn’t her fault but i couldn’t stop crying as our boat was our happy place and we had to sell it as nobody was really into it only me and Danny just had to share as i feel so upset

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aww glad you did share, its not great when you have to sell your “happy things” I had to sell Nicks car, he was a boy racer at heart he had a golf R, all with his modifications on it, apparently it was “track” ready, I could hear him coming up the road before I could see him, and would always think " Nicks Home" I couldn’t bare to hear that car again! I had to go in the living room and turn the tv up and it got drove off.

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Awww bless you both why is life so bloody hard. I will never understand it. Xxxx

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Ty Zana i just need my phone to ring so i can chat to people especially at night xxx

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Hi jane have wanted to private message you to ask how you aredoing x


Yea that’s fine I did send some messages a few weeks back did they not go through ? I will try one now ? X

Hello @jevncute,

You’ve mentioned wanting to chat on the phone. I just wanted to let you know about The Silver Line. They offer friendship, conversation, and support to people aged 55 and over. You can call them for free, any time of day or night, on 0800 4708090.

Hopefully this is of help to you :blue_heart:

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Oh @jevncute
That sounds just what you need.
I hope you try it.
Let us know how you get on x

Ty yes that is helpful :smiling_face: i am grateful xxxx