holiday depression

I just wanted to say that I still come here because after several years, I am still in mourning.
Not so good … but I have been sending myself out into social situations and sometimes meet some key people and sometimes it works, sometimes not.

But, I always feel better after being with people and talking. Always.

So I urge even suicidal people which yesterday and in the last few days, I have been, to go out
and accept any invitation. Because when you come back, it makes it a little easier to go on. You do not want to be so depressed you want to die. I often feel hopeless and in despair and then I go out and eat dinner with friends, or make new friend, or dream about a prospect, and I quit thinking about death. And it is what your deceased family members would want.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!


Dear Berit

Thank you for sharing your encouraging post. There is no time limit on grief and I am glad you are can still come here to chat. Talking is so important and it does lift your spirits as it does with meeting up with people.

Take care of yourself.

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