Christine and myself went to Mexico twice which was our dream holiday too be honest but proved too be getting to expensive or we would have returned a few more times, like I said I’m 13 weeks into my journey since Christine passed so it’s still very raw😢 Christine was 65 when she passed and I’m lost without her x

Please to read I am not alone. I went on holiday last year about three months after my darling Frances passed away. It was horrible but I had to get out of the house. I also took myself away from the group for a good cry when memories came flooding back.
I am planning to go on holiday with a bereavement circle end of September, packing will be hard at least I will have company who all understand.
I miss Frances every minute of every day but feel l need to do this, hope she understands.


Hi Carl, so sorry for your loss but I’m sure Frances will be proud an so behind you :heart: had I hope my lovely Christine is of me

Hi Carl. You are very brave. I went away with my son and family but I can’t quite get up the courage to go on my own.


Yes is hard work either way … going alone or with someone who is not your husband :frowning:

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