honor in living on ...

This is for people trying to live on after their losses. Maybe I write this for myself … I think so.

But I think we have to consider as much as we can, living an honorable life after loss.

I often do not want to live on after my losses. However, I tell my counselor that I do not want to end my life because to do so is to live without honor. I do think that your loved ones would NOT want one to end their lives, prematurely. I do believe they would want us to continue as best we can until our time comes and it will.

I have to remind myself of this often, that I must try to continue to live as well as I can to honor my life and that of loved ones.

So try to think of living your life with honor if you can though I know so often it is SO hard to even lift our heads to meet the world. But it is a good thought.


Hi Berit,

I get your post so completely.
I told a friend that I no longer want to live (still feel very much like this) but it’s not something I can would or could do anything about. I hate being me and hate my new life and I just want it to end.

I see no future or enjoyment in my life. I have all but stopped living and no longer care about anything including myself…

However I know my mum would be so worried and upset if she could see me just now…this crumbling anxious mess I have become…that I think you are right that it’s my duty to honour her life, my upbringing etc and show her what a strong, independent person she raised.

One day I hope to honour her by doing just that,

You take care of yourself,

Suzanne x



Yup just do the minimum to exist…get that completely x

Be kind to yourself and take care,

Suzanne x

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most parents raise children who will HELP the world … be those people.

we all knew that we may outlive parents, spouses, other family.

no one lives forever. we have to do the best we can, if only keeping ourselves and our house clean. help a pet, call a neighbor, add good to the world. we just have to try.


Very well said. I didn’t want to live either after my mom passed away but I can’t end my life because 1- it is given to me by her. 2-i am made from her, I am her DNA. 3- I can’t do this to my dad and sister
Instead I will live a life to help others. I want to something for animal welfare and poor kids’ education. I should live and do those things even if I live a sad life. I know my mumma will be proud of me.

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