I joined this site at a time when grief was so raw …I didnt ever believe that life would or could go on …I had no purpose or motivation in the aftermath of such a huge loss…I would open my eyes in the morning …with a sense of disapoitment …that I had woken to face another day of unberable emotional pain …I sought out counselling first with my employment…then with Sue Rhyder …fifteen months later …I see a light at the end of the dark tunnel …my loss will never change it will always be a part of me. But my life is slowly growing around it …Now when I open my eyes I hear the birds singing …I hear the rain patter against the window…its time to start breathing again …there is hope …to anyone reading this at the start of this journey none of us would have choose …I’m sending my love ,wishing you strengh and courage …that you to will one day hear the birds sing again …


Dear Bab1,

Thank you for posting this. I am sure that it will mean a lot to others, especially those who have only just started on their grief journey.


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Dear Bab1
Thank you for posting. I am glad that you have progressed to feeling much better.
I am desperate for some hope. I lost my Dad 10 weeks ago and really don’t feel I can go any lower, I’m in a living hell and feel as though this is the beginning of the end for me.
I hear the birds in the morning and they infuriate me as they signal the start of a new day, another day my Dad will not see, another day without him and another day of pain and misery.
It is good to hear that you feel better than you did. I hope this continues for you.
Your post is inspiring and I hope one day things feel more manageable for my Mum and I - right now everything is too much and I cry constantly.
Thank you

Thank you Gee…I am sorry for you and your mums loss of your dad ,Husband …I feel your pain …and empathise totally with the hole that fills our lives after losing that special person who was in our lives …we can only take one moment at a time …I can also remeber feeling irritated with everything and everyone …especially as the world just continued as normal …when mine had been shattered …grief holds so many emotions …be kind to yourselves…give yourselves permission to do what ever feels right for you in the moment …sending a virtual hug to you and your mum

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Thank you so much for your message of hope. I feel exactly the same as you described at the beginning. I hope that I can continue on this so hard journey and that eventually life will have just a little bit of hope for me. Thank you again.

Thank you Jules …sometimes we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for …sending warm wishes your way …know that you are not alone in this journey …

@Bab1 thankyou for posting your message of hope it gives me hope to see that maybe one day I might feel that way I guess I’m at the beginning of this heartbreaking journey I lost my soulmate pauline just over 5 weeks ago so still very raw right now but you have given me hope and for that I thank you sorry for your loss stay safe take care

Thank you Casey …I’m also sorry for your loss of your soulmate Pauline …you are right 5 weeks in you are in a place that is going to feel very raw and unreal…draw strengh from those around you and take each day from moment to moment …each time you catch you self saying I cant do this …reframe it with I can …I will …sending a virtual hug …

Bab1 thankyou everything you said there is so right I know she is gone but it keeps hitting me every day and seems so unreal and i keep thinking I Can’t do it unfortunately I have no one around me regularly so it’s really just me and our pets but I won’t give up I carry on for her and them and I’m finding support and strength from people on here

Thank you Anne …if I can give little back to others and it helps in any way that’s a bonus …our grief journey is a hard one to walk alone …sending warm wishes to you …

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Keep reaching out Casey …everyone on here understands the pain that loss brings …you are never alone …always someone who will hear you …

@Bab1 thankyou I will do it helps talking on here there are lots of very nice people who understand take care x

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Thank-you for this message, for me it’s six months and still incredibly painful. Even tho there doesnt seem to be any good days, some are starting to feel better than others. A long way to go yet, but your message does give me.hope. xxzz

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Nothing can be worst than what we have already experienced…I’m sorry for your loss and the pain this has brought you … …Hope is hard to find when we are in a sea of grief Jacko…we can feel like a ship cast adrift in a storm at sea…finding things in life to anchor us …is important …I hope you to find things in life that will eventually bring a sense of calm to your life too …remember its a journey you are not on your own with …so many on here who will be there to listen and understand…


Dear Bab1

I’m so sorry for your loss, life can be so cruel. Thank you so much for posting this though, it has given me a much needed lift. My husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer with not a lot of time left. I cannot think about the future without him as I fall apart. It’s so difficult.


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Hello HLO…it is a very difficult time for you and your husband at this moment .in time life feels so difficult at times like you are going through …when we know loved ones have limited time left with us …we go through anticipated grief in that period of time we have left …with my husband I had been told three weeks after a very long illness…I have some very special memories of the first two half weeks …before he passed away …easy to say but live in the moment with him …make special memories to add to I’m sure a host of other memories you both share …I will be thinking of you …take care x

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I’m so sorry to hear that. I guess it’s just take each minute at a time at the moment. People of this forum will be here for you. Sending hugs

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Thank you Bab1. X

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Thank you Jules4