Hello, On Tuesday due to things happening within the family where I could have done with my husbands support I said out loud to my husband “I could really do with you letting me know that you are somewhere, things are really difficult”.

I went to bed in tears, I woke up in the early hours to a crash, bang, wallop, I crept out of the bedroom to investigate & found in the hallway an antique mirror that was secured by chains onto the wall was on the floor, it hadn’t moved in 13 years, the fixings on the wall were all intact.

I went to bed thinking it was just one of those things.

Last night I was woken in the early hours by the TV on in the dining room, I don’t use that TV, I checked if it had come on for updates or had a timer somehow on it but it didn’t.

Putting these two things together I do feel that my husband is letting me know that he still exists & is letting me know that to give me strength in my hour of need.


I’ve had a few signs. I tend to think its just coincidence. But the more I think about it the more I believe they were signs.
They’re too specific to not be
I hope you feel comforted knowing he’s there for you x

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They are still here for us - as long as we remember them they are always in our hearts. :heart: