horrific loss may be triggering!

my family has been experiencing something so horrific! almost 3 weeks ago we lost a baby in our family only seven years old at the hands of his own mother! not going to get into detail because it’s just so horrific! but i’m just so tired and like i feel fine but my mind is tired my souls tired man! if anyone knows of any ways to cope please help


Oh Yari, I am so sorry, so very sorry. I really don’t know what to say to you. You’ve certainly come to the place where we have all experienced loss so please, if it helps, keep reading, keep posting. It can help so much just by sharing your feelings etc with others. I’m one for writing things down; I find that helps me a lot. I write to my husband - at first it really was about how I felt, the anguish of losing him and so on. Now it’s more about everyday stuff but still my love for him dominates.

Again, Yari I am so sorry for your horrific loss.
Sending love and hugs x

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I’m so sorry. The death of any child is heart breaking but when it’s traumatic like this it is so much harder to process. I can only suggest counselling. I am still grieving the death of my Father after a long period of traumatic circumstances for him - and while he was not a child, he was just as vulnerable. Innocent souls are at peace now - that is what I believe, The pain and loss for those left is hard to process.

Oh Yari I’m so sorry. I am also going through trauma as well as grief at the moment, plus future trial as my losses were at the hand of another party. Do you have access to Victim Support at all? I approached my GP to see if there are any grief trauma counselling services available but unfortunately no, I am having to source myself. I found just listening to music, letting myself feel any emotion and releasing the only things to do just now. I feel a bit isolated as I cannot really talk to anyone as this is now court matter hence why I am looking for the counselling services mentioned. I am also trying Autogenics Training to quiet the mind and relax the body. I also take herbal tinctures for grief which are fantastic, I would recommend trying maybe Bach Rescue Remedy and White Horse chestnut to help support the CNS. Stay strong as difficult as I know it is, there will be better days, you just have to arrive at them. Be kind to yourself

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