Hospital appointment

I have a hospital appointment with a Consultant later this afternoon. My lovely late husband always took me to these and was a calm comforting presence when I was scared. My family offered to take or accompany me today, but I refused. They are working and busy and I didn’t want them to take time off. However, my wonderful 18year old granddaughter has insisted on coming with me, bless her heart. Tony would be so proud of the way she cares about me.


I hope your appointment goes okay this afternoon @AnnR. It’s understandable to hear you’re finding it difficult without your husband being there with you. Really lovely your granddaughter is going with you. Keep us updated with how it goes :yellow_heart:

Thank you so much for caring. The good news is that things aren’t nearly as bad as I thought and a small operation will sort it. Phew! I think it may be sorted in a month or so. You have no idea how relieved I am. I had been thinking all sorts of silly things! If Tony had been here, he would have put me straight. My granddaughter was a great support, but after all that, she wasn’t allowed in. It was good to have her company for the journey though.


Thank you for sharing your story Shiela26 and glad the appointment went well.your granddaughter is one special person to give you support. Xx

Thank you. Yes she is amazing, luckily for me, I get that from all my family. I count my blessings.