Hospital Patient Name

I would like to ask if there are any members who know or have family members who know about medical abbrevation letters on a nurses station whiteboard.?
I used to work in our local hospital over 15yrs ago as a porter and never seen a whiteboard like it before.
Basically, it was a white display board with all the patients names, their room number and a status code , for example, Mr Bloggs, Room 5 , then a 3 letter code , but i noticed the codes were different for different patients , and the status was lit up in 2 different colours, red, yellow and green.
I went to visit my sister in hospital one morning, and as i passed i noticed the board above nurses desk, i saw sisters name and was lit up green, or might of been yellow. So walked past went to sisters room , sister wanted to go outside for bit of fresh air, When we came back , a consultant came in for chat with sister and me , to explain that treatment, antibiotics was only treatment sister could have , were not working, as sister was too weak for chemo, radiotherpy or surgery. Failed fit test aswel and there was nothing more they could do/offer.
Then after the chat with consultant left room, i popped out left sister for a minute, i was going for a wheelchair i think, as i passed nurses desk, sisters name was lit up red colour,
What i am curious about is the code, the letters and i remember a date shown next to the code.
It was something like ELM 24.03.24 or ELO 24.03.24 , another part i noticed and interested me was the date, sister was discharged on the 22.03.24 , which if you look at the date that was on patient board , it is 2 days after sister is discharged… What is or was going to happen that hospital knew or may of known, that sister and me did not, or was not told about?
I did ask what board, colours and dates were shown , but no one seemed to know and a bit vague about it.
I just left it there but still wonder. Have looked and searched online with no clues.

Solved my last message about patients board, ward staff duty rota.
Did bit detective work on med sites.