House clearance and storage

Has anyone had good/bad experience with those house clearance companies or storage and removal people?

Never had any experience with this kind of thing so I am not sure how it works and not sure what I’ll do with my living situation so just gathering info for the time I may be able to face it.

Not as yet but something I will doing shortly so will let you know x

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Dear @FleurDeLis,

@Karen1978 had to clear her parents’ home, which was sadly quite a traumatic experience for her as the council gave her two weeks, and @Shaun73 cleared his mum’s home. Shaun doesn’t post at the forum anymore but does read posts now and again, if you send him a Private Message, I am sure he will be kind enough to discuss his experience with you.

All the best.


I lost my Mum and Dad is in a care home with dementia so I had to put the house on the market earlier this year. My sister and I took all the personal things then we got a charity out who took the suite and other larger bits of furniture. We then got a house clearance company in who were amazing and completely emptied the house in a matter of hours which would have taken us weeks to do so I would definitely recommend using them. You can also get companies who will arrive at your door with a storage unit and put all your things in it then take it to their storage facility for as long as you need it kept. A lot of options out there whatever you decide to do.


Thank you all for the advice. It is the home I shared with my husband that I would be clearing. We had so much stuff and if I go to live with my mum I will have to get a three bedroom house and garden full of stuff down to things for a small box bedroom. I don’t know if I will ever need all our stuff again but I also can’t bear to get rid of it as every single wardrobe, microwave, speaker, item of bedding, birdbath, bench and the rest has memories for me. I guess I would have to already part with a lot of it though but it just feels so final as my husband and I really cherished every detail about renovating and furnishing this house, our main hobby was making this house our home over the last five years. I can’t bear any of this but thank you for your good practical advice which gives me somethings to think more about.

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