House still so quiet.

After 2years 7months I am still experiencing difficulty losing my wife and also sharing my true feelings. Spending a lot of time doing jobs and dog walking. To be honest doing these two things have kept me going. Anyone experienced this?

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Hi I’m so sorry to hear that you are still finding it difficult. I am the same. It is just two years since my husband died and find everyday life a challenge. Even getting up out of bed is a daily struggle. I don’t really tell anyone how I am feeling because what can they do. My grown up children tell me that I have to find things to do. But I don’t want to do things on my own. What’s the fun in that? We were together for fifty years so being older I find, that it’s harder to try and start again. I think my life is pointless now. Can’t see how things are going to improve. Sorry to go on but just thought it might help knowing you are not alone with the way you feel.


HI,thanks for replying. Sorry you are struggling like this. I too don’t let my feelings be known even to my children, now adults of course. They think inside I’m fine, more my daughter than my son. It is only my opinion that bereaved people don’t let their feelings be known to others because of their replies ,as I have been told quote “don’t worry you’ll get over it”. That comment annoys me and upsets me. I’m fortunate that everyday I do meet people outdoors, mainly because of my dog walks. Also at times I do venture out in the car to different places. Last September spent a week in the Lake district (just me and the dog) Walking miles and suprisingly enjoyed it. But I do agree that doing things on your own can be daunting. Me and my wife were married for a long time but she passed away 2 months approx. before our 40th anniversary. I must disagree about you think your life is pointless now. I had that but then thought I have my children and grandchildren, they are one’s I live for now. I have’nt seen much of them in recent times because of a heart condition I was diagnosed with 2 years ago but it is now under control so I hope to get back seeing them. Keep talking to people you can trust is what I would say. No need to apologise for going on as you put it, you are not going on you are putting your point forward on how you feel, that is what this community is for. Take care.

Hi thank you for taking the time to reply.