How can I be lonely ?

My daughter won’t be with me this Christmas ( my wife died 2 years ago) she will spend her time with her boyfriend family I am fine with that. I will have a very busy Christmas Day with friends who are great so I won’t be on my own. I go out a lot holidays walking playing sport and watching sport. So why do I feel so lonely? Am I being selfish?


You could be surrounded by a thousand people, and still feel lonely, as the one person you really want, isn’t there. Stay strong :heartpulse:


Never thought of it that way, thank you that helps a lot


I feel more lonely with others, ie lonely in a crowd. Im much happier being alone, which can be quite nice.

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I find when I’m with other people it makes my loss more apparent and I feel the loneliness more. Being with others talking about their lives/family/partners I end up feeling worse. It’s not easy x


I understand . We where part of that world of the 2 now in the world of the 1 when I’m out and about I can’t wait to get back to my own space . You my have seen it an image of a someone just standing still and lots of people just rushing past them that’s just how I feel . Best wishes

I’m at my daughter’s Christmas day . Boxing day if it’s dry I will take my motorbike out for a blast . Apart from being around my family it’s the one that makes me feel alive . The words of phileas Fogg struck a cord with me when he said and I quote . ( When you have found love real love living without it has no purpose !!

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Hi Jeff, I lost my partner 6 years ago have no friends or family that really bother, I’ve spent 5 wishing it had been me, I thought I could cope but am still struggling 99.9 % on my own, a one kind of love comes only once in a lifetime and we r lucky to have been able to experience that, loneliness is awful and people who are self-centred don’t get this in society at all, I know how you feel, but we suffer and just have to manage so people think? Take care

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Sorry to hear your still struggling . And like you say that sort of love only comes once in a lifetime and its so hard to let go of it we are united by our lose . All the best x