How can I help my mum after losing dad πŸ’”

Morning all , I would really like some advice pls ! We have recently lost our amazing dad , suddenly in February 24 , I feel I am dealing with the grief of losing my dad , my heart is broken and there will always be that missing piece in my life now , but I feel I am coping with it :broken_heart: , my massive concern is my beautiful mum , she’s so withdrawn, so angry all the time and the lust for life has gone from her eyes :cry: . I go round and be with her a few times a week and more if I can , but with working and homeschooling my daughter it’s hard , it I don’t care how hard it is for me , the pain in my mothers eyes is killing me . Mum doesn’t want to talk to anyone and is happy to be at home . Fortunately my sister and her 2 children live with mum so the house isn’t empty. Just really struggling on how to help her :broken_heart::cry: this is when I would normally go to my dad for advice :cry::cry: and guidance would be gratefully received. Xx

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Hi there. Firstly i am so so sorry for the loss of your lovely dad. I lost my daddy on 9th February and my mum is struggling too.

The best advice i can give from my own experience is to allow your mum to feel what she is feeling. There is no timeline and the way she is feeling is very normal. I visit my mum daily too, and i always always talk about daddy and even though it makes us cry, i think it helps. Many people try not to talk about it but mum loves when we talk about daddy.

We planted flowers in the garden and painted some stones with memories we had of daddy and made a rockery with them. The grand kids all made one too. We also dedicated a tree in a forest that we can go visit. Would things like that be an option to consider doing together with your mum and daughter?

I really hope this might help a little. My heart breaks for you and your mum; its the most devastating experience anyone can go through and i send my warmest thoughts to you and your family and pray that in time the pain and grief are not all comsuming.

Take good care.

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