How can we carry on

How can I lives carry on when the only reason we had for living was the person we adored most in life….what is the point of carrying on when everything is a constant reminder to what we’ve lost.
I can’t find anything left in me to carry on…just live in constant fear of life without my partner.
If I could crawl in a ball and never move from there I would.
I detest every second of the day now….
I’d be happy if they locked me up to rot.


There aren’t any answers to those questions and I keep asking myself the very same ones,for now all there is for me is the debilitating pain of losing the woman I love and worshipped with all my heart. Less than four weeks feels like years,every day the same pain and not knowing how to stop it. If we hope for the pain and grief to become less as time goes on the question becomes why ?
I have never known anything of this world that I now live in but here I am,it’s just insane.