How can we help her?

Hello, I’m looking for advice of how to help my Mother I.L. We lost my father in law earlier this year after a long illness. They were together over 50 years and she’s understandably lost without him. She is reluctant to get help / doesn’t think it will help but feels like the grief is getting worse after 6 months.

How can we help her?

Thank you.

Hi. SLA Welcome. Try and persuade here to get help. We all need it and not doing something about is not helpful. Counseling can be very helpful, but I know how difficult it is to persuade an older person to go. Give her love, understanding and support through difficult times. Just being there for her is so helpful. Her grief may seem as if it’s getting worse, but in grief we all have times when we feel down and almost defeated. It’s still early days for her. And take care of yourself too. Very best wishes. John.

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If you mother in law can’t or doesn’t want to go out I’m sure there are organisation that’s befriend people and come to their house and just have a chat and a cuppa ,they are registered and trained in dealing with these situations. It might help company is a big thing when your grieving and just a new face