How did I get through Christmas

Hi everybody just sitting here Tues night mind totally full of my lovely caring son who passed away in March.His dad passed 12 years ago and I am thinking of them being together but they should be here with me.Before Christmas it was on my mind totally how will I get through Christmas the first without my boy but I did and here I am.Its amazing how through all the tears emotions grief we are still capable of getting out of bed.I couldnt manage to get dressed yesterday though! The thought of never seeing my son again is unbearable and he so helped me with the loss of his dad we were obviously both grieving.I just want to say if we can get through Christmas we can get through anniversaries Feb for hubby March for my boy get through birthdays .It will continue to be hard life will never be the same again but what choice do we have?
Very best wishes to all on this forum and hopefully we can get through 2023.My lovely hubby would have been 80 this New Years Eve so yes another very emotional day but really just the same as the rest xxxx


Oh Marg my heart goes out to you. My son has been my rock since the loss of my husband. I haven’t been on here for a while, but this time of year is hard and I have gone backwards, I feel so lonely. Thinking of you x


I feel as I have gone backwards as well
I am taking decorations down tomorrow as I have had enough but I made the effort and my daughter was pleased i put them up
I also know it is what my husband would of wanted he loved Christmas with the family
We can only do baby steps x

Thank you so very much for your responses it means such alot xxxx

I am 2 years on, but this is like a rollercoaster ride, some days/weeks and even months can be good and then you have a trigger and it’s difficult. If you want to take the decorations down, then do it. It took me ages to actually put mine up and tbh I only did it as I have young grandkids, or I wouldn’t have bothered. Only a few more days to get through, new year won’t be good so it’s an early night Speak soon and take care x