How did they miss it

Had a meeting with the doctor’s this morning about the sudden passing of my wife. They recogn she has had cancer over the past 3 to 4 years. How can it be missed for do long until it’s too late and when diagnosed hours are left. About time they stopped blaming menapause and weight as an excuse. Especially as she was only 53. NHS let one of their own down

Must have been hard I complied a series of events to my hospital and in need of answers no one will meet with me yet because of Covid 19 still I have asked last week for a video call no response.

They did use covid as the excuse for delaying the blood test. But can’t be used for last 3-4 years

My husband started having tests in Dec I know they will use Covid 19 as an excuse as well how disgusting

It appears to be their new excuse but you can’t fight them. We are just left to suffer prematurely and in a very cruel way. They kept us apart too long.
Life carries on. But ours are wrecked

I’m fighting until I get answers it’s not that I’m blaming someone because I feel like crap I won’t it to stop happening to someone else. Take care

I agree. I have a legal firm looking into the case But still not sure if they are taking on the case.

Ok I have to go through hospital first if I don’t get answers l will look into taking it further

Kim and Jay, you have twice the grief, losing your partners in a way that’s inexcusable and having to fight for them when you are in such a fragile state. COVID 19 is going to be the excuse for everything now. My husband was told his I n r blood test would have to be delayed, despite the fact that his levels had become way out and I wonder if this cools gave causes his sudden unexpected stroke. So many unanswered questions when we’er too vulnerable.