How do I comfort my mother ?

My father passed away in June this year after a long stay in hospital. Where my mother visited and looked after him daily. We thought her loss of weight was due to stress and bereavement. I finally got her to see her GP who sent her for investigations. We never thought she would be diagnosed with stomach cancer. We are all in shock. We haven’t been able to grieve for my father. How do I comfort my mother when I cannot make any sense of anything ?

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Hi Shaz I am so sorry for your loss and for the news of your mother, I don’t think you can but from recent experience I can only say just being by her side will help her. My children couldn’t understand my loss but the comfort I took by them being close helped without words. Your mother will be scared about her diagnosis I should imagine, she may be too numb yet. You need to address your loss too and your fear about your mothers diagnosis, talk to her if you can, hold each other close. I understand a little, my dad died on the Friday, my late husband was admitted to hospital on the Saturday and on the Sunday I learned my mum had Alzheimer’s, like you my world was rocked. Talk to her cuddle her be there for her, connect on here for your strength, when you want to vent and need your support. Take care x

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Thank you Silverlady for your supportive and heartfelt words. I am so sorry to hear of your losses, such difficult times. Family means so much but friends can also offer those comforting words we need st a time like this. We need to seek support in each other. You take care of yourself and I am here for you also x

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