How do I cope with anniversary

It’s been 13 years since I lost my mum and every year it gets harder I live with the loss of mum every day but every aniversary mind is on replay

Dear @Sunflower2022

Anniversary dates can reactivate thoughts and feelings from the day your mum passed. This is normal. It does help to be busy on the day. Do you have family and friends you can invite around?

Have your considered talking to your GP as to how you feel for support or consider one to one Counselling? Sue Ryder have a free Counselling service you may wish to consider.

It is ok not to be ok and it ok to ask for support and talking does help. Sue Ryder also have a Grief Guide which contains useful information and will help you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief and has self help tools. It may be worth you looking at this.

I do hope the above information will be of help to you. You are not alone, please continue to reach out and if you need any more information please email .

Take care.


I am awaiting counselling as we speak

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