How do I cope

Hi, just yesterday my stepdad was diagnosed with liver cancer , he has lost 4 stone I. The last 6 weeks , I’m just devastated,

Hi Ley, I’m sorry about the news you have had about your step father, you must be feeling all kinds of emotions at the moment, all you can do is support him and be there for him when he wants you, every thing is being made so much worse with the situation we are in at the moment, you can get support from the Macmillan Nurses and of course Sue Ryder, both are fantastic in this sort of situation, take care xx

Hi , Jude ,

I’m devastated, been to see him today, had a chat, told him I will
Look after mum, which made him cry! He’s a proud man, doesn’t want tears, just to carry o. As normal, so I have written him a letter that he can read when he is ready, just want him to know he is loved and. We all adore him.
I can’t bear the thought of my mum being on her own, it’s torture for me to think of this, she is 78 has leukaemia and has had it for 10 years, John looked after her. Throughout, just wish I could take his pain away.
Thank you for your kindness - it means a lot xx

I wish I could give you a hug, I think your idea of writing him a letter is a really good idea, take care of yourself , sending you lots of love, just take a day at a time, try not to think about the future, I know it’s easier said than done xx

Thank you Jude , I appreciate your message ,