how do i cope

hi I lost my mum just over 5 weeks ago shevwas my best friend we shared everything had holidays together and trips out we spent alot of time together during covid as i was her carer
she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in june 20 19 with a 4-8 months life span butum fought hard and made it 4 years.
in those 4 years we worked our way through her wish list completing all but 1 dream .
im getting from day to day on auto pilote and i cry at the drop of a hat my heads all over the place and i cant concentrate in work
ive also been dealing with breast cancer myself haveing had radiotherapy on day mum passed so i wasnt with her though i did say my goodbyes before i left i told her if she needs to go dont wait for me … she said she loves me and always will and we chatted fir a bit she asked to promise not to be there when she left it hurts but she loved me so much and didnt want me to have that memory if her going.
im lost without her i dont know how to go on living im just in autopilot


I’m sorry you have lost you mum, the pain is unbearable, I’d know cause I to lost my beautiful mother, I’m 9 weeks in now.
Keep reaching out on here as much as you need, it does help knowing that people understand what you are going through x


Hi Ann,
I’m so sorry for your loss. I also lost my mum just 6 weeks ago. We were best friends and soul mates and everyday I feel a pain like no other. Grief is something I have never endured before and then the first time I experience it, it is with my mum passing. Somedays I find it difficult to do anything at all and the easiest if jobs like doing some washing is too much. I know totally how you are feeling a d the total devastation of the whole situation. Whilst I can’t offer much comfort right now I wanted to reach out to you so that you know there are others out there in the same situation and feeling as you do. X


thankyou for replys it helps so much cant believe its been 10 weeks and 6 days since mum passed, i cry in private now because its upsetting my husband to see me in distress, but i cant stop hurting and im trying to move forward out of auto pilot, ive got an appointment with dr next week to get some help, i cant eat properly just snack and when im not working i just want to sleep as I cant be bothered with housework or interacting with family and friends, i still feel lost , my brothers took everything from mums
they left nothing so had no momentos at all ( i was having radiotherapy they emptied mums place out ) they expect me to pay for funral as I was mums carer for 4 years my brothers turned up when they wanted money, i tried to tell mum not to but shevhad capcity they left her with nothing alot of the time , i ended up buying her food or paying her bills. Im refusing and have nothing to do with them anymore i have lost my whole family not just mum its killing me