How do i cope

Back in March this year, i lost my Nana and 9 days later, my mother unexpectely. She became very poorly 7 days after the death of her mother and it was a huge shock to us all as we had 2 losses in less than 2 weeks. How do other people manage to cope with continuing through life with a heavy heart? Im 35 years old, i have 4 brilliant children, but im finding it so difficult to get motivated or have any interests. I literally have to drag myself through the days otherwise i get lost in thought. I see my dad regularly and talk about memories of mum, i see her grave at least once a week but it feels like i cant get closure. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. But please, no comments saying shes in a better place or the clichè talk. My mother was 62 years old, she was taken far too soon…


Hi, sorry for the grief that has prompted your post. What a devastating situation to suffer such huge losses so close together… how brutal for you. There are no words to ease your pain really but just know that you’re not alone. There are people out here who know just how the pain of grief feels. Have a read through the forum and you’ll see. Everyone feels grief in different ways and we all manage in various ways too. Take each day as it comes with all the different emotions that come along. There’s no timeline and you can expect to go through different phases of your grief, sometimes it feels sharper than others. All you can do is keep trying, getting through the difficult times as best you can. Take care xx

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