How do I cope

Nearly 3 months after losing my Son, seeing his face on my phone reminds me of his last few days on life support and then the time after we terminated the processes that were giving him just an existence. It was a relief that he didn’t have to go through any more distress or pain but I miss him so much.

I lost my son fourteen months ago and I miss him as much today as I did then he is always at the forefront of my mind…I find I have good times and bad times but for the sake of the rest of the family I try and be cheerful though it’s not always easy.
I wish I could give you some words of advice but each of us is different and we all have to cope in our own way…But people on here are thinking of you and know exactly how you feel… I hope it brings a little comfort…With love Marina xx

Talk to him in the car , at night ,whenever .I’m always talking to my son Nick .I don’t know you but my thoughts are with you .