How do I go on

I lost my 33 year old Son to Suicide in June. Every day it’s a bit more real and it’s getting harder to cope with the pain of this loss.

I am so very sorry for your tragic loss I lost my 23 year old son in June and my daughter 10 years ago , I am really struggling as we reach this 3 month stage it’s just such a physical longing to want to hold our precious children , support starts to drop off and we are left alone with our thoughts I find this site a small comfort and hope you will do as others will reach out to you that have lost their children too, an awful situation that none of us want to be in , I hope you have support around you take care x

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I’m so very sorry for your terrible loss, I too lost my son in June, he was 22 nearly 23. The pain is so raw & unbearable. I lost mum & my granny when I was young to suicide, now my son to sudden arrhythmia death syndrome (SADS)
So many unanswered questions my whole life…so much sadness and grief my whole life. I sincerely hope you find some comfort from this site & that you have support around you xx

Hi Jayne2
It’s just so painful isn’t it. I wondered if you have any answers yet. I totally understand the burden of not knowing as we didn’t for 9 weeks. I truly hope you do & hope you can feel some peace and comfort someday. It’s so difficult supporting our remaining children (young adults) who are devastated and hurting so much. Take care, lots of love Rach xx