How do I go on

On Wednesday my amazing husband left us. I’m supported and loved I know this. But I’m empty and lost I can’t organise anything can’t plan anything, paper work is taking what seems like an age, even though I know realistically it isn’t. I’m lost x


Kjrsti, let all those who love you give their support. How you feel now will last a long time and I can’t say when it will end as I am one year in and it hasnt changed much for me but I have taken alot of comfort from our friends who have listened to me rant. Take all the support you can and don’t worry that you are taking advantage of hour friends and family because you arnt, they are happy to help you in this awful time. I can’t say it gets easier because it doesnt but friends and support make it a lighter load when they are with you which carries you over the times when you are on your own.

It is OK to feel absolutely awful and cry and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope you are able to get sustainance from the support you have and can make a way forward. The emptyiness will continue but take all the help you are offered and you will survive. It is amazing what friends can do.

Its not what you want to hear but it is normal to feel lost and you are not alone, there are alot of us who feel the same pain and can empathise with you in a way that others who have not experienced this loss do. This forum has helped me in showing me that I am not alone and there are alot of other women who feel the same loss and pain.

Good luck and ignore those poeple who say to remember the good times as you are well aware of those good times and they actually cause pain at the moment. at some point in the future we will be able to remember the good times with fondness rather than pain and we will get there. You are not alone.