How do I grieve

I lost mum 4 weeks ago, I say I but it’s we, 4 siblings. I’m the eldest and I’m struggling, I’m snappy with my husband, can’t seem to cope with other people, I become really annoyed for bugger all at times. I don’t know how to grieve… Dad died aged 64,he had cancer, I cried then but can’t, or won’t, cry now. Mum was 86,had a good life, hardly went doctors, was fit, looked after herself and then last November had a fall, I said at the time, this will be the beginning of the end… and it was


Hello, sorry things are so painful for you. Grief is a hard journey for us all. I suggest you have a look at the online information because you’ll find out that everything you are experiencing is completely normal. Everyone grieves in their own way, it’s not necessarily about crying, there are so many emotions that are part of the grieving process. If you can talk through how you feel with someone it might help. This forum is useful as everyone knows what loss feels like… xx